Antonina Vaslychenko for Elle France, March 2014.

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Fashions by Pierre Cardin, 1960s.

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Fashion Wonderland: Dolce&Gabbana autumn/winter 2012-2013

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Well you find your strength in solutions, but I like the tension and not always knowing the answers, but You’re gonna lose it

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Yesterday I was in NY for fashion week and man was it cold! We haven’t had much of a winter in LA so I was super excited to don some cold weather outfits! I love this daytime layered look. It’s a great example of mixing high end and affordable pieces and is perfect for staying warm and looking fab!

What I’m wearing:
- Jimmy Choo Boots
- J Brand Leather Leggings
- H&M Chunky Sweater
- Roberto Cavalli Coat
- Eugenia Kim Hat

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